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Legacy of Ayurveda:Vran Volume 1 (Hindi)

Language: Hindi


Why this course?



Dr. Subhash Chandra Varshney has a Ph.D. in Shalya Tantra. He has 35+ years of experience in the field of education, especially teaching Ayurveda at renowned universities such as Banaras Hindu University. He has guided 3 Ph.D. theses and has received multiple awards, such as National Sushrut Award, for his contributions.

In this Hindi podcast, Dr. Varshney interprets shlokas by Acharya Sushrut and Acharya Charak. He credits them with the earliest discoveries about Vran (Ulcer). Through this podcast, he hopes to inform medical students and healthcare practitioners of the untold and effective medical practices from ancient Indian times.

This podcast was edited by Riya Varshney under the guidance of Dr. Varshney.


© 2023 Dr Subhash Chandra Varshney

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