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Scientific Writing & Publications

"Unlock the Secrets of Effective Scientific Communication: Master the Art of Writing and Publishing in the World of Research."

Language: English, Hindi

Instructors: ARCA

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Why this course?


Date: 03 Sept 2023  Time: 02.00-05.00 pm 


Scientific Writing & Publications is a course that provides essential knowledge and practical skills needed for effective scientific writing and successful publication in academic journals. The course covers various aspects of scientific writing, including structuring scientific papers, choosing appropriate language and style, avoiding common mistakes, and addressing ethical issues. Participants will also learn about the publication process, manuscript submission, peer review, and dealing with revisions. Through interactive exercises and examples, participants will develop their writing skills and gain confidence in conveying their scientific findings through clear and engaging writing.

Key Highlights:

  • Understanding the structure and components of scientific papers
  • Writing techniques for effective communication of scientific concepts
  • Avoiding common mistakes in scientific writing
  • Ethical considerations in scientific publications

What you will learn:

  • Art writing in a scientific way
  • How to detect plagiarism and avoid it  
  • How to use Mendeley software 
  • How to take grant for articles 
  • Guidelines of MUHS/UGC 

Course Curriculum

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