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Synopsis Orientation Program-2023

"Uncover the Path to Success: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering the Art of Synopsis Writing and Orientation for the Year 2023!"

Language: English, Hindi, Marathi

Instructors: Dr.Amit Naphade, Dr.Abhijit Jagtaap, Dr. Sunder, Dr. Chetan

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Why this course?



Day  1 : 16 Sept 2023   Time : 02.00-05.00 pm

Day  2 : 17 Sept 2023   Time : 02.00-05.00 pm

Synopsis Orientation Program-2023 is a comprehensive course aimed at providing participants with an in-depth understanding of synopsis writing and orientation techniques. for MD/MS (Ayurveda) and Ph.D.Ayurveda. This program is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge required to create effective synopses for various purposes.

Key Highlights:

üSynopsis Orientation as per University  Guidelines
üHow to write a Synopsis of MD/MS, Ph.D.(Ayurveda)
üAccepted Titles by the Universities  MD/MS/PhD Synopsis
üRequired Statistical Tests for various Studies 
üDiscussion of RCTs, Case-Control, Animal Studies
üSample Size calculation, Reference style, New Titles Suggestions
üHow to  Prepare a Gantt Chart and questionnaire, how to do a drug review in a click 


Learn new ARCA Virtual Expert Assistance for your synopsis.

Topper will get Prize for Quiz 

Course Curriculum

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